Friday, February 27, 2009

Colors of Spring

Well, it appears I am on a roll with the color block sweater pattern. I really like it as a project because it is portable and each piece can be made very quickly.  To be specific the sweater pattern is called "Kid's Color Block Cardigan" from the Oneskein book by Leigh Radford.  I used some metal flower buttons and then decided they needed a couple of leaves. So note the close up.  I love the I-cord trim.  This sweater pattern is like a blank canvas. There are lots of places to get creative.  I was just thinking the I-cord could transform into a long flower stem or snake. Try the pattern it is a lot of fun to make.

1 comment:

  1. Hey babe. What's the count? You so know the Knit@Nite crowd is there for you and call/email/ping me for help with blog stuff or whatever. Knit a leaf or so and I'll crank out a kid's sweater and "pimp" your site/project.

    Love U!