Thursday, April 9, 2009

Thanks and news!

Thanks go out to three wonderful knitters.  Oops one of the items is actually crochet.  Evelyn Bareno made this soft crochet cardigan. It is so adorable.  It is a free pattern she found on the internet on Ravelry.  The pattern name is Crocheted Baby Sweaterdesigned by Beth Koskie.  

Phyl Bates has done it again.  She made this beautiful pullover with wonderful stitch detail. I am ever thankful to her for being a star supporter.  Like me she enjoys trying different
 stitch patterns and baby sweaters are just the right size for experimenting.

Another creative knitter, Heather Broadhurst, donated this cuddley pullover.  If I could I would shrink myself to fit into this one. With it's cute stand up collar I'm sure it will be a comfy fit.  Heather always amazes us with her projects that use her incredible math skills.   Thank you so much.

Last but not least is my latest.  I made a cardigan from 25 Gorgeous Sweaters for the Brand New Knitter.  It is called V-Neck Cardigan.  I changed the stitch gauge to work with the Red Heart Soft yarn and the measurements came out quite to size.  I decided I need to work on some more masculine sweaters as I just seem to like to knit girly things.
Well it happened. I was anticipating a new addition to our family but I was waiting till May when my nephew and his adorable wife are expecting a baby....gender unknown.  BUT in the meantime my niece and her partner got good news and their wait for a baby came on April 1st.  Max Levi Feldman came into their lives.  Congrats to Lisa and Karen.  Well is is a good idea to start making more masculine sweaters..... I have to do my part to keep the little one warm.  I have a few months since summer can be pretty warm in Maryland.  

Once again, my sincerest thanks to Evelyn, Phly and Heather for working with me to warm up the kids!