Thursday, May 28, 2009

Moving (right along) Contributions

I had the opportunity to visit a group of knitters that meet in Mission Hills at the home of Nancy Slayen.  Nancy's sister-in-law, Sheryl Baron and I are childhood friends.  We grew up as neighbors and have remained in contact over the years.  Sheryl invited me to come to their group to share more bout the 44 Sweater Project.  I brought sweaters and was surprised and delighted to receive a sweater from Susan Chenven.  Susan's husband is a physician working at Vista Hill, one of the beneficiaries of the sweaters.  I thank her and the others in the group for their interest and enthusiasm not only in my project but in their interest in knitting.  Sheryl, thanks for the invitation.

Later that evening I went to my regular Israeli dance group and a dancer friend and my contact at Vista Hill was there.  I realized that I had the sweaters in 
the car and so I showed them to her at a break. She was
 flabbergasted and really speechless to see the beautiful work done on the behalf of the needy children that come through her facility. She was so excited and started to plan out how the sweaters would be presented, publicity etc.  It got me even more excited and more dedicated to the project.

OK. This is the cutest.  My BFF, Betsy Frank, made this adorable pinafore for the project. She has decorated the little flower pockets with "bee" buttons.  I can't wait to make this little garment for my new great niece.  Betsy and I have had many years of shared projects. We have had a wonderful friendship and I couldn't think of a better friend.  Thank you, thank you.

Last but not least, a girly "V" neck cardigan. Cute little heart buttons from Michael's are a nice touch.  

So let's see, the count stands at 33 sweaters.  I was also given 3 premie sets by Liz Knapp of the North Coast Knitters guild. I will have pictures of them posted in my next entry. So including the preemie sweaters we are up to 36. Yikes.  It is really exciting.  

Thanks to all participants.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

30 Sweaters

Yeah!!!! We are up to 30 sweaters.  Thanks go out to the very  generous hearts that have participated in this project.  

Phyl has done it again.  I know she has other things to do but she has been so kind to continue to participate.  The red and yellow striped pullover with adorable train buttons is great.  

The amazing and talented Colleen Davis designed and knit th
e wonderful pink textured vest with a cable.  I am trying to figure out a way to squeeze myself into it.  It's my favorite color.

Annette Friedlein made the very soft and cuddly blue color block cardigan.  It is as soft as a cloud.  This pattern comes from the One Skein book.  It is the same pattern that I have made several times but it looks so different in the yarn she used. 

I apologize for not getting the latest batch
 of sweaters up on the blog but my dad took a little fall and I have been busy helping out my mom.  I am happy to report he is doing very well and hopefully he will be home in about a week and a half.