Saturday, October 24, 2009

A Photo Shoot

Well, I was definitely ready for my close up.
The photographer came last week to take a publicity photo for Vista Hill. This is the charity that will be accepting the "44 Sweaters". Ann Mound, a wonderful woman, that dances with me on Tuesday nights told me about their facility and the work they do with mom's and kids. I decided to give them the sweaters and she was so touched. I am delivering them Monday, October 26, at a board meeting. I hope to have some more photos and I will post them at that time.

Thank you to all the participants. This was a wonderful project and I have so many of you to thank for your efforts and support. xxxooo

Final Contributions

Four more sweaters have been added to the project.

Cathy Jo Cozen wants to learn to knit, but hasn't started learning yet. She was so enthusiastic about the project that she bought this adorable vest to contribute.
Liz Knapp donated four premie sets for the project. Here is an example of one of the sweaters.
Phylis Bates made another sweater for the project. This red sweater is really lovely. Thank you Phylis for being such a major part of making this project come to fruition.

This pink sweater was a real surprise for me. Therese Balenger an wonderful artist heard about the project many months ago. I received a call out of the blue from her and she had a sweater ready for me. It is so exciting that we have about 49 sweaters to deliver. In the next post I will have a picture and information on the charity.