Saturday, February 14, 2009

Knit On

I am very thankful that friends have offered to help me with this project. I can't wait to post your projects on the blog.

I have been attending the Jewish Film festival this last week and of course I am taking my current knitting project with me. In the last few weeks I made a few sweaters that I haven't posted here. One from Knitty and two from the One Skein book. This project gives me a chance to try out all the adorable baby and kids patterns that I think are cute. Since they are all pretty small, they make up fast. I would like to keep a notebook of all the sweaters, patterns and yarns used, but I don't know if I can be that disciplined.

From the One Skein book I made the baby Shrug and a Color Block sweater. The baby shrug is for a newborn so I don't think it is really that practical. It has a little lace detail on the back.

The Color block sweater is one of my favorites. It has very simple shaping and lots of style. I find it an ideal portable project. I love putting together the colors and the i-cord trim ties all the colors together. I have quite a collection of buttons and although the sweater takes only two buttons I have visions of using up buttons from my stash. I am now working on making this sweater again. I wouldn't mind having a version of this for myself.

The sweater I made from Knitty turned out wonderful. I was very
pleased with the pattern. The instructions had one small error, but the sweater made up just perfectly. The instructions for putting on the binding were detailed and created a band without puckers. It really looks more like a coat.

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