Monday, July 20, 2009

Phyl Outdid Herself

My appreciation for Phylis Bates has hit an all time high.  This great sweater really impressed me.  She has been so generous with her time knitting so many sweaters for this project.  I feel that her support has inspired me to keep going and I am almost at my goal.....of course with her help.  This V-neck cardigan is a work of art.  From the beautiful seed stitch ribbing accent to the multitude of duplicate stitched numbers (front and back) it is outstanding.
I love it.  I'm sorry it doesn't fit me.  I would love to make something like it for my new great niece and nephew.  It is with many thanks that I make this post.  Kudos to Phyl.  I am glad to be able to consider her my friend.

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