Saturday, July 4, 2009

Coming Into the Home Stretch

Lynn Davidson contributed this adorable ribbed cardigan.  She did a beautiful crochet flower to adorn it. This is a great pattern because the sweater is made in one piece with the ribbing added on.  Check other posts if you are interested in the pattern.

OK.  I was so impressed with my BFF's sweater she was making I had to make my own version. This sweater called Fire Dog is designed By Melissa.  He web site is  .
I think it is so adorable. It is a little round ribbed neck pull-over. Here is just a close up of the adorable intarsia pattern......woof.

The last but not least for this post is another little 
v-neck "Little Man Sweater".  

We are getting close to the 44 Sweaters.  I think I am up to 40.  Thanks to all the wonderful knitters that have helped with this truly worthy project.

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